Logistics Research Institute

SFA is running Korea Automation Technology Center (Registration number: 200-4126) and it consists of a R&D center and a Logistics Research Institute. The R&D center is researching mainly Display, Semiconductor and New Renewable Energy field. The Logistics Research Institute is focusing on logistics consulting and system engineering.

Logistics Research Institute

Distribution research institute has introduced the idea of distribution in the 1980s for the first time in the country, has executed serious distribution consulting, and has been making important issues in Korea's distribution history such as introduction of the very first integrated supply distribution cost system by distribution centers, introduction of the very first cross docking system, utilization of EAN 14 barcode system and such.

From planning to execution, strategies and operation, only SFA distribution research institute can make such total solutions with company value generation through practical applications.

By providing further advanced distribution/SCM-related services to the clients, we aspire to contribute to the advancement of the clients. The solutions provided by SFA distribution research institute is largely divided into consulting services and system engineering, each of which becomes a column for actualizing.

Consulting Outline

World Best Class Consulting Services
SCM/distribution consulting targets all subjects regarding SCM/distribution such as establishment of SCM/distribution strategies and mid/long-term roadmap, examination of distribution business plan and its feasibility, development of distribution base and selection of appropriate site, SCM/distribution BPR, optimization of construction plan for a new distribution center, optimization of distribution for construction plan for a new factory, distribution renewal for existing distribution centers and factories, optimization of promotion plan for joint distribution, optimization of fresh freezing/refrigeration distribution, analysis on distribution cost reduction method/R01, and examination of introduction plan of distribution equipment. Furthermore, as strategic promotion subjects, RFID introduction consulting, GMP/validation consulting, HACCP promotion consulting, and SCM S/W package introduction consulting services. Also, through academic/industrial cooperation, it executes various national projects for the strengthening of national competitive power, and performs relevant education in this field by the requests of many colleges, organizations, and businesses.

System Engineering Outline

Optimized System Construction of High Technology
System engineering is a combination of complex technologies, a field of experts which cannot be treated with only partial knowledge about SCM/distribution. High technology of system design, composed of critical technologies such as mechanical engineering / Electrical & Control Engineering/ Information Engineering / Architectural Engineering / Utilities Engineering, actualizes the optimization of the system to be used by the client.
2D&3D CAD to implement the results of system design, computer simulation technology which basically gets rid of the trial and error through process bottleneck prevention, load balancing, and system capacity analysis, and actual operation status such as process flow and operation method materialized as a cyber 3D video clip all help the understanding of the clients and support important decision-making in management activities. Through this, SFA distribution research institute perfectly completes the entire scope that it promotes from planning to execution, strategies, and operation.