R&D center

SFA is running Korea Automation Technology Center (Registration number: 200-4126) and it consists of a R&D center and a Logistics Research Institute. The R&D center is researching mainly Display, Semiconductor and New Renewable Energy field. The Logistics Research Institute is focusing on logistics consulting and system engineering.

Laboratory Team

Lab is developing front end equipment such as SPUTTER. EVAPORATOR . etc for Display(LCD. OLED. Flexible). Semiconductor and New Renewable Energy based on vacuum technology. We are doing our best in localizing advanced technologies and securing reliability of the devices to become the leader of the vacuum technology field.

Also Lab is developing Inkjet process equipment and hi-end automated distribution system for display, semiconductor and touch screen panel. We are trying to satisfy customer' s needs in terms of performance and efficiency by applying a variety of new technologies such as Offset Printed Electronics , Imprinting and hi density ultra-thin layer coating technology. Also we are supplying core technology devices for automated distribution system like a semiconductor OHT(Overhead Hoist Transport).

Simulation Team

SFA' s simulation Team is in charge of various simulations for optimized engineering and performance enhancement of all the equipment we are developing in the field of logistics system, semiconductor, display and nuclear fusion technology.

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