Material Handling Systems

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Material Handling Systems

Material Handling Systems(M.H.S)has begun the first automated logistics business in Korea. This business has provided a total solution spanning a variety of business areas including logistics diagnosis, system engineering, design, self-manufacturing of major equipment, construction, and post-care, domestically acquiring the best technology and know-how currently available.

Thanks to the largest supply result to date in the field of general logistics, M.H.S. has not only broken into such areas as a distribution center fit for the SCM system and logistics equipment for special environments (ex. GMP, HACCP, dangerous materials, freezing/refrigeration, electronics/electrical, super-heavy materials, etc.)but has also successfully diversified the product portfolio to the field of clean logistics for OLED, LCD, and semiconductor manufacturing as well as the field of LCD mother glass manufacturing, film manufacturing and coating.

Furthermore, through relentless R&D M.H.S. is also broadening its business areas from such fields as heavy industry manufacturing equipment like the Mash Seam Welder, to national strategy businesses in areas like aerospace, nuclear fusion and accelerators. This broad approach to business has secured its future with sustainable growth.

Beyond general logistics, SFA Engineering is providing total solutions and creating new paradigms through the R&D of its cutting edge logistics systems and manufacturing equipment for various industries that meet client’s needs.

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