CEO Message

Power to create the world’s best products with SFA’s advanced technology.

Welcome to SFA - Building And Creating Your Dream With SFA CEO Young Min Kim

SFA’s client-oriented management philosophy, competitive executing capacity supported by relentless research and development activities are our core competencies that enable SFA to continue to stay at the forefront of automatic logistics systems and display manufacturing equipment industry. In particular, SFA has successfully positioned itself as one of the leading participants in the fast growing OLED display industry by competently bringing OLED process and logistics equipment into the market.

SFA’s cutting edge technologies and know-how stem from the past 30 year experience gained through countless projects executed both at home and abroad, and continue to expand into new business areas such as semiconductor, solar and Fuel Cell manufacturing and other high-tech industrial equipment to include thermal vacuum chamber, nuclear fusion chamber, accelerator and autoclave, etc.

Carefully listening to our clients is only a small part of our efforts to excel. SFA’s true passion lies in that SFA thinks ahead even before the voice of our customers and in doing so, SFA accelerates the advancement of the technological standards of the world’s best products and ensures that our customers stay ahead in the market competition.

SFA’s efforts to pioneer innovative solutions will continue and all employees of SFA together with its affiliates are committed to grow to become the world’s number one total equipment manufacturer in the high-tech industry. We hope for your continued supports for our endeavors.
Thank you.